Künstlerwerkstatt e.V.

"The most exeptional Jazzclub in Bavaria!"
Roland Spiegel - ARD-Radiofestival Jazz

The first jazz concerts in the workshop on the roadside of Münchener Straße in Pfaffenhofen started, when the tenant, Bernhard “Wacky” Singer, carpenter and Jazz music lover, invited some musician friends to play in 1995.
The first concert inspired the next and the concerts were enjoyed by so many locals that they soon became regular events. The group of supporters that had gathered around this “Artists Workshop” formally joined into a club and founded the Künstlerwerkstatt Pfaffenhofen e.V. in 2001. The club’s goal is “the support and promotion of jazz and visual arts“, taking over the juridical, financial and organizational responsibility from the former personal initiative. The Künstlerwerkstatt is set up to be a home ground for jazz concerts, offering awfully good acoustics and a very unique ambience.

The Künstlerwerkstatt Pfaffenhofen e.V. is a non-profit association. It is financed by donations and membership subscriptions. Administration and the all work for organisation and preparation of concerts and expositions is done by volunteers. The entrance to all concerts is free of charge.

During concerts, donations are collected in an old (and worn) blue pot. All donated money goes to the musicians.

The Concerts: The first sessions, in which - among others - Peter O`Mara and Frank Möbus played, were performed in late 1995 – a long time before the club was founded. In the springtime of 1997, about ten concerts took place, in 1998 the number had already grown to 20 and currently the average is 25 concerts per season.

The Künstlerwerkstatt is promoting concerts beyond the commercial level. Above all the program reflects the range of jazz from mainstream via bebop to avantgarde. Artists, who are welcome guests in the workshop, come from all parts of the world. Selected Names of some musicians und bands, that performed in the Künstlerwerkstatt, represent examples for the musical diversity of the concerts:

Jerry Bergonzi, Jeanne Carroll, Der Rote Bereich, Ugetsu, Hermann Breuer, Monty Waters, Shankar Lal, Werkstatt-Jazzorchester, Adrian Mears, Johannes Faber, Boris Gammer, Voodoo Gang, Fonda/Stevens Group, Orchester Bürger Kreitmeier, Magatte El Hadji Ndiaye, Carlos Bica' Azul feat. Jim Black, John Etheridge, Geoff Goodman & Chris Hirson, Diz!, Dusko Gojkovich, Super 700, Joe Haider, Geheimrevue, Boris Gammer, Tony Lakatos, Jim Mullen Helmut Nieberle Sextett, Billy Bang & Barry Altschul, Roman Schwaller, Bobby Shew, the hub, Leo Traversa, Gebhard Ullmann, Enders Room, George Schuller, Adrian Mears, Roberto DiGioia's Marsmobil, Jeff Berlin, Peter Apfelbaum's New York Hieroglyphics, Hyperactive Kid, Max.bab, Billy Hart, Cyminology, Uli Geissendörfer, Erdmann 3000, Sorey Lauer Duo, Christy Doran, Klima Kalima, Lucien Dubuis, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Brad Leali, La Kamanchaca, Gianna Viscardi, Spiridon Shishidon, Médéric Collignon's Jus de Bosce, Wanja Slawin's Lotus Eaters, Eivind Aarset Collective, Ack van Rooyen, George Schuller's Circle Wide, Studnitzky Trio, Das Kapital, Don Braden, BraffOesterRohrer, Jens Winther European Quertet, Hasler/Paeffgen/Berger, Johnny La Marama, Gunter Hampel European Trio, transit room, Kaja Draksler Quartet with Jure Pukl, Reut Regev, Arthur Kell Q'tet with Shepik, Stillman, Ferber, R.I.S.S., shoot the moon, Glenn Ferris, Claus Raible Orchestra, Joel Frahm, Christian Weidner Quartet, Jerry Bergonzi, David Berkman, The Big Band Association, Anna Lauvergnac Quartet...and so on

The Exhibitions: The philosophy underlying the concerts, analogously defines the expositions of fine arts. The same principle applies: it is not about commerce or about running a profit-orientated gallery. Instead, the Künstlerwerkstatt understands itself as a panel including artists, whose works have emerged beyond well-trodden asthetic trails and beyond the established art scene. Their works form the visual equivalent to the lively, creative spirit of jazz.

In 2013, 2014 and 2016 the Künstlerwerkstatt was awarded the Spielstättenprogrammpreis of Germany ("APPLAUS-Award"). Already in 2010, the Künstlerwerkstatt received the Kulturförderpreis of the municipality of Pfaffenhofen.  At the same time two good friends of the Künstlerwerkstatt accomplished a warm sounding analogue recording studio next to the artists workshop: Panorama Tonstudio

Nevertheless constant support is needed: you can support by donating, advertising on our program flyers or on our homepage, or direct sponsoring of a particular event. For further inormation please contact: Maria Cetinbas:
[+49] 1520 383 26 47 / maria.cetinbas@t-online.de or (Bernhard Singer: b.o.singer@kuenstlerwerkstatt-pfaffenhofen.de)

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